How To Find A Good Singapore Wedding Photographer

Here are some of the best step by step tips on how to look for the best bridal photographer Singapore.

1. If you have a close family member or friend whose wedding photographs look truly amazing and appeals a lot to you, you could ask that person for his or her opinion on the services rendered to him by the photographer. This is because even though a photographer’s portfolio can look awesome, his or her services may be terrible – e.g. he or she is very rude and delays the sending of photographs to you e.t.c.

2. If you do not know anyone who has a great referral for you, then you can simply do your research online. There are tons of photographers in Singapore which you would be able to easily find by performing a simple Google search. What you can see at a glance is a whole list of wedding photographers in Singapore, and their portfolios on their website. This would save you a lot of time and effort. What you should then do is to note down the names of the wedding studios which portfolio you particularly love.

3. Now, you want to Google for these top wedding photography companies, and they should have a Google plus page that pops up when you search for their brand name. In the event that does not happen, then search for them on Facebook. You should be able to see reviews of their services by past customers. If no one rated or reviewed them before, you might want to be more careful. You want to engage wedding photographers or studios with stellar reviews and ratings as much as possible.

4. Talk to or email those photographers who have passed all of your above tests and get a sense of their prices. At this point in time, the quality of their portfolio and services should be of a certain high standard, so the only thing left for you to decide on is the price range. If all of the above (quality of service and wedding photographs taken) are good, then chances are their prices are actually going to be quite similar to each other.