Trend of Singapore wedding photography

Every professionals must stay in touch with their industry and know the future trends. They must know the underlying and future trends so that they will be able to adapt to their industry changes. Likewise, as a professional wedding photographer myself, I have been keeping track of all the Singapore wedding photography trends.

Here are some trends of the local wedding photography in Singapore. Let me share my insights with you.

indoor wedding photo shoot

1. Indoor wedding photography is going to be extinct. In my experience, the number of people asking for indoor wedding photography decreases every year. Sooner or later, everyone will just be taking outdoor wedding photography. No one will take indoor wedding photography anymore. Indoor wedding photography is too rigid. On the other hand, the creativity that can be applied on outdoor photography is boundless. You can choose to have your wedding photo shoots any where you feel like it. The entire photo shoot experience will be much more relaxed and comfortable outside than being cooped in a studio. Moreover, people also feel the societal pressure to take outdoor wedding photography just because everyone else is doing it. Indoor wedding photography is perceived as outdated in Singapore.

white and pink wedding gown

2. White and pink gowns
The most commonly wore gowns by the brides are white and pink in color in my experience. What color of wedding attire the couples are wearing does make a difference to the photographer. You will have to choose the wedding venue wisely, taking into consideration the different colors that will be inside the photograph. Colors should blend together with each other and make the photograph look awesome.

natural backdrop for wedding photo shoot

3. Natural backdrop
More and more people prefers to have their wedding photographs taken in natural, scenic places rather than urban backdrops. I guess Singaporeans are tired of seeing modern buildings and skyscrapers which can be associated to stress and work. They want to take their wedding photographs in somewhere relaxing and stress-free.

Funny Wedding Photographs

Well, I’m sure that you have seen all kinds of beautiful looking wedding photographs. However, did you even take 10% of the time you spend looking at beautiful wedding photographs to look at weird or funny looking photo?

I mean, some people around this world take seriously odd looking wedding photographs! Just check out the above video and I think you will understand what I’m talking about.

If you watch the above video, you would definitely feel very awkward at some parts, especially the thumbnail. I mean, why on earth would people do that for their wedding photographs? I think it’s really odd. But since I’m not them, I just enjoy myself and take a good, long laugh at the above funny wedding photographs. haha.

Did you see those where other people accidentally photobombed the wedding images? For goodness sake, that’s a wedding photograph, make sure to get a photographer who knows what he or she is doing so you don’t get such horrible looking photographs taken.

Luckily I got a good photography studio in Singapore. Grandeur, for my wedding just last year.