Life As A Professional Wedding Photographer In Singapore

Being a professional photographer for weddings and preweddings photo shoots may sound like living the dream, but in reality, it’s about working hard behind the scenes and may not always be as glamorous and fun. You need to have a passion for photography and weddings in general if you want to have a fulfilling career as a professional wedding photographer.

Just like any other profession in Singapore, being a wedding photographer requires you to constantly keep up with the trends in weddings as well as bettering your photography skills. This is a lifelong journey and not something that you simply learn over a few years and stop. You want to continually improve your skills and gain experience over the years to make the skills even more valuable and impressive. The best photographers are able to capture beautiful wedding moments not because they are highly skilled or experienced – but both.

In all honesty, Singapore weddings are mostly held on the weekends. This means that for you to be a professional, full time wedding photographer, you would need to be working on weekends most of the time. Therefore, if you are the type of person who cannot give up ‘social life’, I recommend you find a career elsewhere. However, if you have a big passion for wedding photography, trust me, you won’t regret going for it.

In the beginning stages, unless you’ve already been in general photography for many years, you would do better off by tagging with a wedding photography studio in Singapore. This is because it is hard for you to get clients as an individual in Singapore if you do not have much wedding photographs in your portfolio. When you tag along with a studio, you get both income as well as more images in your portfolio.

Life as a wedding photographer is far from a typical corporate life – but who wants to be average? Be a wedding photographer today.