Singapore Actual Day Wedding Photographers

There are lots of professional photographers in Singapore which take actual day wedding photo shoots for couples. However, only a small handful of them are truly professional and great at what they do. If you need a great bridal photographer, feel free to contact Grandeur for their photographers.

Here’s what makes an actual day (AD) wedding photographer good, and I will also recommend some top professional photographers in Singapore.

First of all, an actual day wedding photographer must be very skilled at what he or she does – this is because he or she would need to operate without any assistance during the actual day. For prewedding photography, the photographer can take his or her time to take certain images. However, the timeframe for each photograph during the actual day ceremonies will be very short, and most of the images are candid. This means that the photographer has very little chance to re-take any of the images, unlike that of prewedding photography. A good AD photographer is a person who is skilled, experienced and is able to keep his or her cool even though he or she may only have a few seconds to take certain great looking photographs (e.g. the groom and bride putting on the wedding rings on each other’s ring fingers).

Second of all, a good AD bridal photographer must be able to edit his or her taken photographs quickly. There is usually a wedding dinner photo montage and the photographer must be able to edit the best photographs he or she took during the earlier part of the day and put them into a photo montage to be showcased at the wedding dinner. There is only a very short time frame to do this, and thus only top photographers in Singapore do actual day wedding photography. Every one else offers only pre-wedding photo shoots where they can take their own time photographing.