Trend of Singapore wedding photography

Every professionals must stay in touch with their industry and know the future trends. They must know the underlying and future trends so that they will be able to adapt to their industry changes. Likewise, as a professional wedding photographer myself, I have been keeping track of all the Singapore wedding photography trends.

Here are some trends of the local wedding photography in Singapore. Let me share my insights with you.

indoor wedding photo shoot

1. Indoor wedding photography is going to be extinct. In my experience, the number of people asking for indoor wedding photography decreases every year. Sooner or later, everyone will just be taking outdoor wedding photography. No one will take indoor wedding photography anymore. Indoor wedding photography is too rigid. On the other hand, the creativity that can be applied on outdoor photography is boundless. You can choose to have your wedding photo shoots any where you feel like it. The entire photo shoot experience will be much more relaxed and comfortable outside than being cooped in a studio. Moreover, people also feel the societal pressure to take outdoor wedding photography just because everyone else is doing it. Indoor wedding photography is perceived as outdated in Singapore.

white and pink wedding gown

2. White and pink gowns
The most commonly wore gowns by the brides are white and pink in color in my experience. What color of wedding attire the couples are wearing does make a difference to the photographer. You will have to choose the wedding venue wisely, taking into consideration the different colors that will be inside the photograph. Colors should blend together with each other and make the photograph look awesome.

natural backdrop for wedding photo shoot

3. Natural backdrop
More and more people prefers to have their wedding photographs taken in natural, scenic places rather than urban backdrops. I guess Singaporeans are tired of seeing modern buildings and skyscrapers which can be associated to stress and work. They want to take their wedding photographs in somewhere relaxing and stress-free.

Funny Wedding Photographs

Well, I’m sure that you have seen all kinds of beautiful looking wedding photographs. However, did you even take 10% of the time you spend looking at beautiful wedding photographs to look at weird or funny looking photo?

I mean, some people around this world take seriously odd looking wedding photographs! Just check out the above video and I think you will understand what I’m talking about.

If you watch the above video, you would definitely feel very awkward at some parts, especially the thumbnail. I mean, why on earth would people do that for their wedding photographs? I think it’s really odd. But since I’m not them, I just enjoy myself and take a good, long laugh at the above funny wedding photographs. haha.

Did you see those where other people accidentally photobombed the wedding images? For goodness sake, that’s a wedding photograph, make sure to get a photographer who knows what he or she is doing so you don’t get such horrible looking photographs taken.

Luckily I got a good photography studio in Singapore. Grandeur, for my wedding just last year.

How To Find A Good Singapore Wedding Photographer

Here are some of the best step by step tips on how to look for the best bridal photographer Singapore.

1. If you have a close family member or friend whose wedding photographs look truly amazing and appeals a lot to you, you could ask that person for his or her opinion on the services rendered to him by the photographer. This is because even though a photographer’s portfolio can look awesome, his or her services may be terrible – e.g. he or she is very rude and delays the sending of photographs to you e.t.c.

2. If you do not know anyone who has a great referral for you, then you can simply do your research online. There are tons of photographers in Singapore which you would be able to easily find by performing a simple Google search. What you can see at a glance is a whole list of wedding photographers in Singapore, and their portfolios on their website. This would save you a lot of time and effort. What you should then do is to note down the names of the wedding studios which portfolio you particularly love.

3. Now, you want to Google for these top wedding photography companies, and they should have a Google plus page that pops up when you search for their brand name. In the event that does not happen, then search for them on Facebook. You should be able to see reviews of their services by past customers. If no one rated or reviewed them before, you might want to be more careful. You want to engage wedding photographers or studios with stellar reviews and ratings as much as possible.

4. Talk to or email those photographers who have passed all of your above tests and get a sense of their prices. At this point in time, the quality of their portfolio and services should be of a certain high standard, so the only thing left for you to decide on is the price range. If all of the above (quality of service and wedding photographs taken) are good, then chances are their prices are actually going to be quite similar to each other.

Wedding Photography – Behind The Scenes

Perhaps you have been to many of your friend or family members’ weddings before, and maybe you’re already married too. However, for most of us, we’re on the receiving end of wedding photography, and we seldom or never experience what a wedding photographer goes through and does for the day.

I always found being a wedding photographer in Singapore fascinating, it’s one of those well paid jobs which is oddly so seldom talked about. I guess most people in Singapore want an office job. But in any case, for anyone with the slightest bit of passion for photography, wedding photography is definitely one of those things which you will think about. After all, wedding photography is one of the highest paid professions in the photography industry. Check out the following Singapore wedding photo studio if you want a job.

Name: Grandeur Wedding Studio(
Address: #02-00, 16 Purvis St, 188595
Phone: 6681 5798
Hours: Open daily · 9AM–9PM

What you will notice is that most wedding photographers are invisibly working behind the scenes, and usually, the top photographers are those that will only try to joke to loosen the couple and guests up to look more natural in the photographs.

Check out the above video, I think any aspiring photographer will like watching that video because it gives you first hand perspective into a professional photographer’s work… not many videos on YouTube or anywhere else can give you that kind of perspective. Most other videos I have watched merely showed another photographer photographing or videoing the main photographer. This is taken from a Go Pro mount edon the top of the main photographer’s head.

*Just take note that the video might appear a little dizzying to those people who experience motion sickness often. That is because the Go Pro is mounted on the photographer’s head, and obviously he’ll glance around when he walks etc.

Review of Grandeur Wedding Studio

One of the most prominent wedding photography studios in Singapore, Grandeur (GWS) offers top quality and attractively priced packages. With services ranging from photography for ROM event, pre wedding to actual day, GWS is definitely your one stop wedding photography services vendor of choice in Singapore. Hiring only truly professional and experienced photographers, they take high quality images and their portfolio on their website clearly proves that case.

Now it may sound like I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. Granted, their prices may not be at the cheap end, but their wedding photographs are truly astounding and look like that of Hollywood celebrity couples. This is because of their photographers’ skill and using a combination of lighting, the right back drop as well as some Photoshop editing skills.

In any case, one of the biggest benefits that they bring is that they can provide some good discounts for parallel services e.g. wedding gowns e.t.c. if you were to get their wedding photography packages (either ROM, pre wedding or actual day).

They have partnerships with other studios in Singapore, and you can get your bridal gowns through a referral through GWS. It will always be cheaper than that that if you were to go to these bridal boutique studios directly.

They also offer car rental and wedding cake services as well. However, it seems like those are not their main focus… I’m actually pretty sure that their main focus is still their bridal photography services.

The only thing about GWS that you may want to note is that they do not provide overseas photography and to the best of my knowledge, they do not have such partnerships also. Therefore, if you want a Singapore photographer to follow you to any other country for photography, then maybe GWS is not your number one choice. But if you are wanting to have your wedding photographs taken in any part of Singapore, then Grandeur is your optimal choice.

Review Of Singapore Bridal Photographers

There are lots of single bridal photographers in Singapore, but only a few truly great ones.

Here is my review of the wedding photography studios in Singapore.

1. Acapella Photography

Acapella takes beautiful photographs of couple, and one of their biggest specialties is actually overseas photography – yes overseas photography. So why am I mentioning Acapella Photography when it comes to reviews of Singapore studios? This is because their photographers are based in Singapore, and most couples in Singapore who want their wedding images taken in any country other than Singapore would prefer a Singapore photographer or studio accompanying them. If you’re searching for an overseas wedding photographer from Singapore, then Acapella is your best choice in Singapore.

2. Grandeur Wedding Studio

One of the top wedding photography studios in Singapore, Grandeur provides ROM, prewedding and actual day photography in Singapore. They’re based in Singapore and their professional photographer take photos for couples only in Singapore. For local wedding photography in Singapore, I think Grandeur is either the #1 or #2. Their photographs look really amazing, and it has a very high class, elegant, and exquisite feel to their photographs. I have pretty much never seen anything like that before other than those taken by Hollywood celebrities’ photographers. It looks as glamorous as that of Hollywood star’s weddings and that’s what I think makes Grandeur’s photos look so special compared to those taken by other studios or photographers in Singapore.

3. Serangoon Bridal

I think if you want indoor photo shoots, they have among the best photographers for that. I wouldn’t say that their photographs are the cheapest, but the quality is definitely good, and their wall mounted photographs are of really astounding quality. It’s non-scratchable e.t.c. and that makes it very durable. They’re perfect for couples who want that indoor photoshoot, or want a formal wedding photo to be mounted on the back of their beds in their own houses.

Life As A Professional Wedding Photographer In Singapore

Being a professional photographer for weddings and preweddings photo shoots may sound like living the dream, but in reality, it’s about working hard behind the scenes and may not always be as glamorous and fun. You need to have a passion for photography and weddings in general if you want to have a fulfilling career as a professional wedding photographer.

Just like any other profession in Singapore, being a wedding photographer requires you to constantly keep up with the trends in weddings as well as bettering your photography skills. This is a lifelong journey and not something that you simply learn over a few years and stop. You want to continually improve your skills and gain experience over the years to make the skills even more valuable and impressive. The best photographers are able to capture beautiful wedding moments not because they are highly skilled or experienced – but both.

In all honesty, Singapore weddings are mostly held on the weekends. This means that for you to be a professional, full time wedding photographer, you would need to be working on weekends most of the time. Therefore, if you are the type of person who cannot give up ‘social life’, I recommend you find a career elsewhere. However, if you have a big passion for wedding photography, trust me, you won’t regret going for it.

In the beginning stages, unless you’ve already been in general photography for many years, you would do better off by tagging with a wedding photography studio in Singapore. This is because it is hard for you to get clients as an individual in Singapore if you do not have much wedding photographs in your portfolio. When you tag along with a studio, you get both income as well as more images in your portfolio.

Life as a wedding photographer is far from a typical corporate life – but who wants to be average? Be a wedding photographer today.

Singapore Actual Day Wedding Photographers

There are lots of professional photographers in Singapore which take actual day wedding photo shoots for couples. However, only a small handful of them are truly professional and great at what they do. If you need a great bridal photographer, feel free to contact Grandeur for their photographers.

Here’s what makes an actual day (AD) wedding photographer good, and I will also recommend some top professional photographers in Singapore.

First of all, an actual day wedding photographer must be very skilled at what he or she does – this is because he or she would need to operate without any assistance during the actual day. For prewedding photography, the photographer can take his or her time to take certain images. However, the timeframe for each photograph during the actual day ceremonies will be very short, and most of the images are candid. This means that the photographer has very little chance to re-take any of the images, unlike that of prewedding photography. A good AD photographer is a person who is skilled, experienced and is able to keep his or her cool even though he or she may only have a few seconds to take certain great looking photographs (e.g. the groom and bride putting on the wedding rings on each other’s ring fingers).

Second of all, a good AD bridal photographer must be able to edit his or her taken photographs quickly. There is usually a wedding dinner photo montage and the photographer must be able to edit the best photographs he or she took during the earlier part of the day and put them into a photo montage to be showcased at the wedding dinner. There is only a very short time frame to do this, and thus only top photographers in Singapore do actual day wedding photography. Every one else offers only pre-wedding photo shoots where they can take their own time photographing.