Wedding Photography – Behind The Scenes

Perhaps you have been to many of your friend or family members’ weddings before, and maybe you’re already married too. However, for most of us, we’re on the receiving end of wedding photography, and we seldom or never experience what a wedding photographer goes through and does for the day.

I always found being a wedding photographer in Singapore fascinating, it’s one of those well paid jobs which is oddly so seldom talked about. I guess most people in Singapore want an office job. But in any case, for anyone with the slightest bit of passion for photography, wedding photography is definitely one of those things which you will think about. After all, wedding photography is one of the highest paid professions in the photography industry. Check out the following Singapore wedding photo studio if you want a job.

Name: Grandeur Wedding Studio(
Address: #02-00, 16 Purvis St, 188595
Phone: 6681 5798
Hours: Open daily · 9AM–9PM

What you will notice is that most wedding photographers are invisibly working behind the scenes, and usually, the top photographers are those that will only try to joke to loosen the couple and guests up to look more natural in the photographs.

Check out the above video, I think any aspiring photographer will like watching that video because it gives you first hand perspective into a professional photographer’s work… not many videos on YouTube or anywhere else can give you that kind of perspective. Most other videos I have watched merely showed another photographer photographing or videoing the main photographer. This is taken from a Go Pro mount edon the top of the main photographer’s head.

*Just take note that the video might appear a little dizzying to those people who experience motion sickness often. That is because the Go Pro is mounted on the photographer’s head, and obviously he’ll glance around when he walks etc.

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