Review Of Singapore Bridal Photographers

singapore wedding photograph

There are lots of single bridal photographers in Singapore, but only a few truly great ones.

Here is my review of the wedding photography studios in Singapore.

1. Acapella Photography

Acapella takes beautiful photographs of couple, and one of their biggest specialties is actually overseas photography – yes overseas photography. So why am I mentioning Acapella Photography when it comes to reviews of Singapore studios? This is because their photographers are based in Singapore, and most couples in Singapore who want their wedding images taken in any country other than Singapore would prefer a Singapore photographer or studio accompanying them. If you’re searching for an overseas wedding photographer from Singapore, then Acapella is your best choice in Singapore.

2. Grandeur Wedding Studio

One of the top wedding photography studios in Singapore, Grandeur provides ROM, prewedding and actual day photography in Singapore. They’re based in Singapore and their professional photographer take photos for couples only in Singapore. For local wedding photography in Singapore, I think Grandeur is either the #1 or #2. Their photographs look really amazing, and it has a very high class, elegant, and exquisite feel to their photographs. I have pretty much never seen anything like that before other than those taken by Hollywood celebrities’ photographers. It looks as glamorous as that of Hollywood star’s weddings and that’s what I think makes Grandeur’s photos look so special compared to those taken by other studios or photographers in Singapore.

3. Serangoon Bridal

I think if you want indoor photo shoots, they have among the best photographers for that. I wouldn’t say that their photographs are the cheapest, but the quality is definitely good, and their wall mounted photographs are of really astounding quality. It’s non-scratchable e.t.c. and that makes it very durable. They’re perfect for couples who want that indoor photoshoot, or want a formal wedding photo to be mounted on the back of their beds in their own houses.

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