Review of Grandeur Wedding Studio

One of the most prominent wedding photography studios in Singapore, Grandeur (GWS) offers top quality and attractively priced packages. With services ranging from photography for ROM event, pre wedding to actual day, GWS is definitely your one stop wedding photography services vendor of choice in Singapore. Hiring only truly professional and experienced photographers, they take high quality images and their portfolio on their website clearly proves that case.

Now it may sound like I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. Granted, their prices may not be at the cheap end, but their wedding photographs are truly astounding and look like that of Hollywood celebrity couples. This is because of their photographers’ skill and using a combination of lighting, the right back drop as well as some Photoshop editing skills.

In any case, one of the biggest benefits that they bring is that they can provide some good discounts for parallel services e.g. wedding gowns e.t.c. if you were to get their wedding photography packages (either ROM, pre wedding or actual day).

They have partnerships with other studios in Singapore, and you can get your bridal gowns through a referral through GWS. It will always be cheaper than that that if you were to go to these bridal boutique studios directly.

They also offer car rental and wedding cake services as well. However, it seems like those are not their main focus… I’m actually pretty sure that their main focus is still their bridal photography services.

The only thing about GWS that you may want to note is that they do not provide overseas photography and to the best of my knowledge, they do not have such partnerships also. Therefore, if you want a Singapore photographer to follow you to any other country for photography, then maybe GWS is not your number one choice. But if you are wanting to have your wedding photographs taken in any part of Singapore, then Grandeur is your optimal choice.

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